Our slogan is "Making sure your numbers are UP!"  I can’t fabricate the positive numbers, of course. But if they’re there, I’ll find them.
-- Beth Koehler, Proprietor


Farm & Small Business

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Our desire is to lighten your work load, actively helping your operation succeed. While working your numbers, we make recommendations to save you tax dollars and raise your bottom line. Our goal is to make our many services pay for themselves and keep you riding your combine, pulling wrenches, or logging miles on your rig. We are team players you can count on.

Historical Bookkeeping

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For business books that have been poorly kept – or not kept at all – we provide services that start people out with a fresh set of accounts from the current month, while simultaneously backtracking their books to a point where they are prepared for any audit. We have done this for clients with up to 10 years of poor bookkeeping, and have then helped guide them through the audit process.

Payroll Services

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Take the headache out of paying your employees. We use QuickBooks Payroll, a special application for efficiently calculating employee deductions. Generally used by our full-package clients, we are also willing to do this for businesses as a separate service.

QuickBooks Training

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We use this accounting software every day. As QuickBooks ProAdvisors, we are happy to help anyone in learning how to use this powerful program. For those committed to doing their own books, this is the most cost-effective way to use our services.