As a finance manager for a non-profit organization in Mexico, Beth had a way of coaxing money out of the woodwork to help a large building program. The rest of us called her the Rainmaker.

-- Inside Business Column, Foam Lake Review


Income Tax Planning &

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Income Tax Planning is what we do for our clients prior to December 31st, helping to minimize your tax burden. Income Tax Preparation happens after January 1st. Then, we collect every possible tax credit and deduction. We don’t just fill in the blanks on your tax forms; we actively look for legitimate ways to save you money.

GST Preparation

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Take the tediousness and guesswork out of GST refund and remission. We have many clients in this category, and are able to do the work in such a way as to both prepare you for tax season, and find unexpected refunds. Many of our clients have benefited from the careful approach we take to this part of their business.

Historical Bookkeeping

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For business books that have been poorly kept – or not kept at all – we provide services that start people out with a fresh set of accounts from the current month, while simultaneously backtracking their books to a point where they are prepared for any audit. We have done this for clients with up to 10 years of poor bookkeeping, and have then helped guide them through the audit process.